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Thread: Vestige of Time (Kit & Cam)

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    ooc: hi this took forever and it's bad i suck i'm sorry
    words || 441

    The lightning tore through her like a roaring river. Cam was no more in control of it than she was of their erratic flight or the gears around them or Lucca soaring upward, ribbons of green hair matted down with sparks and sweat and sand.

    The current passed through her.

    Cam swayed as the last vestiges of the electricity flowed out, tendrils of the stormy surge running sweetly away from trembling fingers. She watched through clouded vision as the boat around them melted from the sheer heat, like the one time she'd had cake on her birthday and watched it slowly sag under the weight of the candle, the fire turning the frosting to water. This wasn't what she wanted.

    Kit sagged down, safe in Wingut's talons, and Cam's distress was mitigated, if only temporarily, by the relief she felt through the steely skin of his back as he bore Kit to safety. That weight brought her strength, momentarily, strength that dissipated almost instantly as the weight turned into a heavy load on her shoulders, strong enough to make her knees buckle. She saw a boy with the heart of a machine reaching forward, his steely grey skin almost brushing against Wingnut's physical exterior.

    Cam's ears burned red with shame. It boiled in the back of her throat like an insistent kettle, threatening to burst out of her mouth in a wave of nausea. She had done this. She had lashed out at this person, had acted without thinking, had commanded Wingnut forward--

    A warrior's first action is to fight, and that is fair, Wingnut was telling her reassuringly, his wings beating to keep both himself and Kit firmly skyborne. But Cam didn't want to hear that. She didn't want to be a warrior if it meant making Lucca's face contort with indecision or ignoring Kit's well-being to launch a maelstrom or turning her name into one who wars. She wanted to be better than this, to be more than this. Lucca ferried travellers through time with a smile on her face. Mother protected the walls. Kit offered the lonely spirit his gear, the one that Cam had probably taken from him, with an outstretched reverence.

    It wasn't fair.

    She was too far away for her words to carry, and words were too thin to replace what she had done. It wouldn't be enough, but--"I'm sorry," she said through Wingnut's mouth, the steely beak opening and cracking to make a tongue shape words. There was fire in Kit's voice as she shouted to the spirit, but Cam couldn't bring herself to contribute a spark. "Please, take it back."

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    @K'sariya & @Elysia


    Kit: Post 7
    Cam: Post 7

    Hard Mission:
    This mission requires at least two players, not including the NPC, with 25 IC posts from each character.
    Prize Package:
    • IC: any single ability upgraded to the next level; P3,000 on top of normal money that would be received from posting
    • OOC: a Hard Pokemon of your choosing + 3 TM's

    celebi PokeSoul
    #8 // wc: 723

    The kid’s eyes are slabs of flint. On any side, they scintillate with the different ridges to hone a stare that cuts into whatever it sees; now, a fire sparks between them with his growing interest for his gear. Hands reach out first before legs slowly move, directing the child towards the gear the one named Kit hands out for him. He heeds their collective apology once, twice, his whole body still focused on the act of retrieving the middle of his body. Just as his hands are about to make contact with the gear, his presence hovering over Kit, his mechanical movements finally stop. He slinks a head over to Lucca, moving only just head, eyes, and crooked smile their way.

    “You the traveler the Soul within you like me.”
    His head crooks a complete ninety degrees with a charming smile still spread from cheek to cheek. “Faraway you’ve been you return. Our minds similar no anger no storm no fear. Changed is absence.” The boy brings his head back to its natural position with a single pop. His smile stays the same, eyes leeringly empty, as he bridges the final distance between Kit and himself. Hands latch onto the gear in one movement. Another chunky, distinct movement follows as the boy moves it towards his chest. Finally, after holding his hands in the air for a tangible moment that presses into the back of Lucca’s neck with its presence and pressure, the gear snaps into place on the boy’s body! Something like a shock runs through him from toes up to eye sockets as he rolls along his spine, a goofy smile coating his face with the delightful energy coursing through him. The tips of his fingers tingle as he holds them out, staring at that before marveling at the rotating piece now spinning forever in his body, connecting the bottom of his ribcage to his hips.

    “Yowzers!” he shrieks, his face aglow. “Better, my body! Thank you, to the both of you,” he states with a voice physically connected, words flowing smoothly from one to the next. “A storm like the one before? Never have I seen it. Different, both of you.”

    Lucca missed the moment the young boy reacted, instantly flying over to Kit the second the gear was out of her hands. “How do you feel? What hurts?” the guardian spirit asks, instantly spreading the energy of that healing shield across her body propped up by the incredible Wingnut. The boy lingers in the peripherals of Lucca’s eyesight as he gently presses one finger to the deployed Wingnut, instantly destroying the illusion of his human hand. For the contact of one piece of technology to the next turns the boy’s finger into a jumble of bolts that clang to the floor in a song of metal melody. With unnatural speed, the boy scrambles below to collect them all. Sheer enthusiasm coats his face as he jumps right back up, staring into the eyes of Cam.

    “Your robot invincible what’s the name of it?!” He stops momentarily then.

    For the human side of him recognizes the defeat in her expression and tone, the tidbit of disappointment within herself. The boy scarambles for what to say. Eyes dart from point A to point B on the ground that still swirls with immense sand streams as if sorting through his mind for the exact right words to say. When he thinks he’s got it, he just blurts it out.

    “Your robot SO COOL TEACH ME TO BUILD ONE.” He whirls then towards Kit, overwhelmed in his own excitement and the bit of empathy he had caught. “You, and you, do not be sorry,” he says softly, turning back over to Cam in his same awkward, awoken moment.

    Lucca focuses their attention solely on Kit, trying to assuage any feelings of hurt or fear. The image of the vortex swooping down upon her cuts across their vision and the spirit sighs, upset still that such an event had evaded their careful eye. “We apologize for our folly. You both… are precious to us,” the spirit murmurs, bending head forward so green hat dips too and blocks their vision. Meanwhile, the boy begins running circles around Wingnut, Kit, Lucca, and Cam!

    “I’m Troy! You are all who?” he asks with a resounding voice.


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    words || 611

    Are you unharmed? Wingnut asked her, steely wings flapping laboriously. He was a brave bird, Cam knew, but he was also a small one. The physical form she had given him was far less than the one he required, and maintaining it for too long, especially in something like the windstorm that had threatened to overwhelm their entire group, exhausted him. She could feel that much, and their shared fatigue rolled together.

    One of the important things you had to know about Cam was that she got distracted fast.

    Like, really, really fast.

    "Yeah, I'm fine. Head hurts."

    Once, Mom had told her that she'd really need to focus more if she wanted to do well in school, and Cam had tucked her hands into her pockets and looked at her feet because school stuff was boring and it was a lot easier to think about literally anything else, but especially robots, and Mom had been saying words while Cam suddenly noticed that there was an extra grease stain on her boot that hadn't been there before, which was kinda weird because that would imply that she'd gotten grease on it, which would mean that at some point, she'd probably spilled, except she and Wingnut were good, really good, which meant they never spilled, so where had the grease come from?

    It was at this point that Cam realized she'd been distracted from thinking about how distractable she was, which was probably bad. Wingnut was chattering about iron-y, which was a stupid pun no matter what he said.

    (They'd never really figured out where the grease had come from, actually. Oops. She'd have to check on that.)


    And it wasn't fair that there was just so much stuff happening that she had to constantly keep switching gears (pun intended? Maybe. Too soon.) to keep up. First Kit was maybe-on-fire and there was this ashen-guy who looked all sad and stuff (and who hadn't done a very good job of switching gears, evidently), which made Cam feel all kinds of awful inside, but now he seemed fine and wanted to look at Wingnut and was promising more adventures?

    Cam watched with wide-mouthed amazement as the boy snapped the gear back into his chest, his torso accepting it like clockwork. She half expected his head to bounce right off, like the time she'd tried to shove too many springs into her gearbox and the whole thing had gone kaput, but he had a way of keeping things together. She watched him zip around, one hand reaching out to Wingnut before flickering away in illusion -- how in the world--

    But how could they be anything in a world like this? Cam breathed deeply, enjoying the smell of the settled sand, and when she opened her eyes, the boy was in front of her, jabbering away in rapid-fire. Her eyes widened, and replied with equal speed. "I'm Cam, that's Kit up there, I think you met Lucca. The robot is Wingnut. He's huge and I made him myself but he's also a lot more than that and it's kinda complicated. Um." Cam paused for a moment, partly to breathe and partly to gauge her options. Most people did this thing when she started talking about robots and machines where their eyes got all glazed-over and they stopped listening. Hmm. Maybe not the best conversation to have at this exact moment, but --"I'll teach you," she said firmly, with the conviction that only a child could have. Then, uncertain and largely unaware that, clearly, they'd all already met, she spun back around to Kit. "Hey, Kit! This guy is really cool! Have you met Troy?"

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    Hairs slowly raise the closer that the disembodied spirit gets to her. Breath stales in the depths of her chest. It whisks from her in a disgruntled sigh of anticipation as it eerily moves to Lucca to speak without pause. Kit's mind reels violently and she's disoriented by the constant snarls suddenly ripping from the back of her conscience, the freshly-awoken Aput's aggression setting off alarm bells in every fiber of her being.

    Finally, the tension snaps and the other reclaims his body. Kit jumps back as if she'd been struck as the sudden movement ignites her anxiety into a reactionary inferno. Hand flies out and she steadies herself on the strange metal bird of Cam's that has helped save her. Her tails lash side to side with agitation.

    Then Lucca takes up her vision and the healing calm that spreads over them helps set her at ease. Her balled fists slowly unfurl and she takes control of her breathing once more. The downright panic fades a little. And as it does, the memories and the smell of burning flesh return to haunt her nostrils. But as soon as they've appeared, they've gone. An image flashes in her mind of orange vulpine drawing darkness into its grasp and curling about it.

    What are you doing? she asks.

    Do not worry.

    He locks the memory away and she doesn't have time to be angry at the way he tries to protect her. She looks up at Lucca, a vulnerability there in the dark child's eyes, and then out at the strange gear-boy as it begins to whirl about them and talks rapidly to Cam. Uncertain, Kit steps to their initial spirit guide, apprehending the metallic individual with caution. The girl moves beneath the shadow of Lucca's bent form, pressing her side against the other PokeSoul's, a skittish animal seeking comfort in familiarity.

    Cam summons her attention to the boy and she looks over at him again, though a bit reluctantly. "Y-yeah," she manages, still a bit shaken from the adrenaline that courses through her form.

    xxx words.

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