A couple changes for the contest section.

First and foremost, Judge wages will no longer be instant. They will have wage periods just like all the other professions.

To current Judges, please clearly mark in your log where you were last paid and then keep a tally of wages earned for unpaid periods. A wage-issuer will give out wages bi-monthly. This will also make legend trackers easier to count with links to totals.

The original reasoning for making them instant with only a few judges and lackluster activity no longer really applies. We have considerably more activity, and that grows daily. Plus, with the wage bonus this month, it's more fair to have the boost applied by a wage-issuer like all the rest of the jobs.

Secondly, there are some changes to festivals, as there has been some increased interest in them. There are some slight imbalances that we don't wish anyone to take advantage of. Therefore, from here on out, festivals must have at least an equal number of rounds to participants, if not more. This means that if there are 7 players, you must have at least 7 turns, even though the minimum amount of people to run a festival is still 6.

The second change to festivals is payouts. Earnings from festivals are no longer the player's choice of a mix between URPG dollars and Contest Credits. To standardize with other contests (minus BW), they will pay both cash and CC. The lowest scorer will gain $500 + 500 CC, and each level above that will gain +250 to each, with the Judge earning +250 to both above the top scorer.

For example:

Winter judges and earns $2,250 + 2,250 CC
Ash K. wins and earns $2,000 + 2,000 CC
Felly gets 2nd and earns $1,750 + 1,750 CC
Rick gets 3rd and earns $1,500 + 1,500 CC
Morru gets 4th and earns $1,250 + 1,250 CC
John gets 5th and earns $1,000 + 1,000 CC
PV gets 6th and earns $750 + 750 CC
Monbrey gets 7th and earns $500 + 500 CC

**Mind that the festival limit for Judges is still 2 per week.