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Thread: Mission: Rescue the Delibird!

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    Default Mission: Rescue the Delibird!

    Mission: Rescue the Delibird!
    A Delibird has been trapped in the frozen waters behind Uxie's cave in Lake Acuity! Several viscious Noctowl have surrounded themselves around the helpless Delibird. A lone trainer resides on the patch of land near Delibird, where angry Ursaring linger in the wild.

    A few trainers have gathered near the lake to figure out how to rescue the Delibird and the trainer. The lake has frozen over, trapping the Delibird inside with the upper half of its body above ground. The Delibird is currently knocked out. In addition, the ice would not be able to hold the weight of a trainer without cracking and sending the trainer into the frozen waters.

    To get to the Delibird, trainers will have to cross the frozen waters and free the Delibird to take it back to Snowpoint City and to the Pokemon Center. In addition, trainers will also have to help the stranded trainer get back to Snowpoint City.

    Those who participate in this RP are limited to one character. I will control the Delibird, the stranded trainer, and one of the rescue trainers. If you are on a team, you will get one point for every post you make.

    We will start this RP on December 14th, so long as at least one other person has signed up. If at least one other person hasn't signed up by December 14th, then we will start once one other person has signed up.

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