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    he's gonna be too busy toasting tiny bagels in the tiny toaster oven I sorry </3 ('=
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    omg wait what is it
    i've had your nick stuck in my head all day!! ('= it's so beautiful it makes me smile every single time!


    when u had that asinthe
    this explains so much

    btw my brother LOVES jaxblade apparently! good taste with the both of you always <333
    HOW ARE YOU FEELING plz don't die need u
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    yeah? how badly did you give into the peer pressure? (: it sounds like you have stories that you're not telling!!

    AHHHHHH I gotta know what it is now! I remember when you lol'd at me for calling u tibbity and LOOK AT YOU NOW BWHAHAHA! I'm thinking of something even better though just you wait! and WHAT WHAAAAAAAAT NOW WE CAN PARTY TOGETHER IN REAL TIME are you @tribute
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    hahaaaa one of my favorite moments of the night actually was my bro's friend Julian (who's actually a mathematics / elec genius he's incredible!) offered to get me a drink and I was like "nah I don't drink" and he gave this goofy grin and waggled his finger at my brother and was like "yah know I could never get that guy to drink either!" I felt something bigger than pride!

    whaaaaaat ahhhh I gotta know what it is!! can I give you a nickname too?! the tables have turned! this is so unexpected!
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    omg yeah!! also omg I opened that tab and I was already in the middle of the song what have I been d o i n g

    but i'm here!! (':
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    wow i posted that message first on my own profile wtf
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    heuuuuuu he's sleeping well <3 he keeps smiling in his sleep so I'm hoping that's a good sign! (': HAHAHA thank you thank you, I'm gonna get 'em, just you wait and see!! it'll be so bad I'll be the third-worst super villain in a video game!

    oooooh I see I see ): terrible stuff been happening over there lately. I'm so sorry to hear all of it and I hope your friend receives the time that they'll need! omgggg 4 CHAPTERS?! how are we being so spoiled! I think you just need to go in there and beat Togashi at dq tbh set a world record, and then we can all finally have the series back <3

    my brother left yesterday and good friend has been here, touring the Strip with her and tripping over how everything here is located in a casino ('= (restaurant, movie theater, arcade, etc) also do you know what's more awkward than a university party? CLUBBING ON THE STRIP with your brother and his friends omggggg mistakes mistakes mistakes

    HOW HAVE YOU BEEN what is currently happening in your beautiful existence!!
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    > first video shows up
    > super buff dude with the digidestined crest and samurai champloo in the back

    is this my brother?!?!

    awwwwh yes his name will be Simon! why that name btw? and omg lmao does his reputation differ over there? I'll totally be like, "well i wanted to like your video but to be honest with you, it was complete GARBAGE, p. sure my cat coulda coughed on its own poo and it woulda been nicer than what you've presented here" HAHAHA maybe one day i'll make an alter ego under the name Sin and do just all of that (:< the internet won't be ready

    there's these two places, chegg and upwork, so we'll see how it goes! huge variety of stuff to do on both, but rn tutoring is slow cause i don't think summer classes have really started yet. but i'm ready to ATTACK em!! and oooooh where are those planes taking you to?! are you still going to japan?

    I'VE BEEN SAYINGGG omg I need to read that manga too! are you all caught up on the hunter x hunter manga? (: i imagine that you saw the update for june 26th and read everything within the next hour tbh, i also need to catch up on hypekyuu manga!!

    awwwwwh yay!! what's her present? where y'all gonna hang out ^_______^ I'm sure she'll love the beard!
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    WHOAAA would you happen to know his name? also omgggg it's actually so cute <333 it's a koffing with the DITTO face! AHH i'm in love! and his little spiky points are actually just lil fluufs and you hold it closer and it's still making that (: face it's so precious!! is the first thing going into the suitcase when I move, besides shoes. cause without shoes you're just a pervert!

    LOOOL HE HAS TO WORK FOR THE PATREON BONUS. if I like what I see he'll get more lmao just kidding I would flood that with money if I could!! hopefully we'll see how editing and tutoring online for money goes this summer! also we're really good <333 thank you so much for asking! my brother's actually working remote in the day but we've been watching anime at night and cooking together and cute stuff. also my really good friend flies in tomorrow so that's gonna be loads of fun too!!

    LOL also what is DQ? wow I am so so so so ready for him to keep on writing! also omg I'm so sorry someone spoiled the season for you - but I promise that the process is so much more beautiful than the results! cheer the boys on see them GO GO GO! <3 what else are you watching right now or excited for?

    how's mama trib and u ^___________^ the BEST people!!
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    awwwh that would be so fantastic!! tbh we were just talking today about how he, one day, totally sees himself making yt videos! on basketball, comic book stuff, all sorts of stuff - he'd be so fantastic!! I'd be his first subscriber!! and would pay... $1 for his patreon lmao


    also Haikyuu the next season is supposed to come out this summer too!
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