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    A PREEMPTIVE APOLOGY: there's no way I'm going to do this story justice! It's beautiful with profound and unusual promise - in fact, it's my favorite...
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    02-19-18, 12:44 AM
    CHA CHA CHA, THE ENDING IS HERE. I didn't get a chance to hunt down a good trophy gif / image, nor could I be bothered to code some colorful...
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    Yeah it's hilarious!! I tried to show two of my friends but they thought it was tooo weird. x'D Did you hear about the live-action movie adaptation? Very curious to see how that will turn out.
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    Woah, that's an epic name! Nice to meet you! :3 I saw your anime list as well, very nice! I see that you like Gintama too!
  3. OLDCODEX does quite a few songs like that. Check out the openings of God Eater and Free! They've also done a few Kuroko no Basket songs.

    I'm a bit nervous, but I'll be fine. I'm always fine.
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    I haven't seen many anime with openings THAT intense and rocky xD

    Ah well good luck when they come! :D Nervous?
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    Wow 0___O that opening was...intense xD

    I'm super good! France is really hot and sunny! :D And today I got my A level results and I managed to get into my uni of choice :D
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    Ahh okay I'll check the opening out! :D

    So how you doing?? Hows life? :D
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    Have you heard of Servamp??? It looks like a really cool anime, but then some people say its not that great, that the characters are pretty flat, etc, so I'm not sure if I should watch it. Have you seen it? :0
  8. Yeeeees?
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    Oh I didn't even realise the manga was still ongoing! I thought it had ended ages ago :0 well fingers crossed then! It wasn't super popular, I don't think, but everyone I know who has watched it loves it.

    xD OMG I GIVE THEM NICKNAMES TOO!!! Like, if they have green hair, I call them "the green one" xD
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    Yea yea that's what I meant! They made another studio so they could deliver more seasons. Brain's Base made Blood Lad, and I reeaaaaallly want them to make a Season 2 ;^; I don't think they will though, it was quite a while ago :/

    WHAT 10 characters??? I have literally never heard of the name Ichika xD well maybe I have, but I'm so bad at remembering Jap names unless they kinda sounds like an english word >.<
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