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    Hiya VM!! <3 So we have an animanga system in AH, which means only anime / manga characters or anyone from video games / irl as long as they're portrayed in that sort of style! Can I help you find someone who might look similar, though?!

    I'm so happy to hear you're starting AH!
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    lel gotta keep us to tradition ;p you gotta get out there! grade some stories, have a great time, ALL THE THINGS!

    how is life? :D
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND <333 I hope you've been well and happy po <3
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    You cannot because it was added after this battle started.
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    ahhhh I totally, totally respect that! Yeah, it would be cool to continue on and learn more Korean, but you could definitely free your schedule up and do something else or honestly just have more time to do homework and more important things outside of school!! I'm all about that! And yeah, a lot of schools here too will do tuition based on credit hour, so I feel how quickly that adds up. AT LEAST YOU TOOK SOME KOREAN THAT'S SO AWESOME <333 po I was trying to take Tagalog at my school here but they don't teach it cause my school's too small lol rip ;~~~~~~~; !!

    OOOOH YASSSS do dat doppelganger theory! I LOVE those type of metaphysical, super creative and oh wow! MYSTERY stories! and awwwh best of luck with uni work!! I know how that goes! how does the semester / the term work for your school? and awwwh boo yes, someone will claim soon! and what would pass? what? :D
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    ok!! <3

    ahhh! You'll get there, I know you will! are you continuing your classes next year in Korean? :D proud of you for learning so much! I took one semester of Korean my first year but I already forgot most of it LOL! and awwwh what I heard about dreaming in a language to master it could have just been a rumour, too - just keep doing what you're doing ^^ You're doing a great job!

    oh LOL - you'll get another story up there pretty soon! I know you will! do you have any ideas for your WaR C:
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    Psssst also you should join After Hours on URPG <333 it's nice and shiny and fun!

    AHHHH I definitely feel you on the procrastination bits! *has to write a twenty page paper* OH wow, what is this story that I just wrote?! And this grade?! How's that get here?! that's some real positive procrastination! I love it! And oh yay!! Can you watch your k-dramas without subtitles? :D Can you... dream in the language?! I heard that's when we become masters of it! and OOOOH educational technology?!

    Hmm?! :O
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    Yes yes yes, that'd be wonderful! Whenever you can, claim and write up a grade for this story on BMG. When you have your grade ready, send it to me, and I will review it for you and then you can send it off to the actual author. :3 This way you get a refresher on grading, but you also get paid too once things are approved! I'm one of the Head Graders along with Elysia, and I absolutely love the job still, so I'd be happy to help you get back into the swing of things!

    How has college been?!
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    Yep, I looked a little earlier~ I have no problems with continuing it; I still have the encounter list for it, so no worries there. I'll try to get you a reply asap. I'm in the middle of finals right now, and I have a few other people waiting for me to reply, so it'll probably be a bit before I can actually get a reply to you. I finish next week though, so I'll probably be binging all the things I've wanted to do the past few weeks but haven't done.
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Got My First Album :D

by Voltaire Magneton on 02-01-17 at 05:56 AM
I got my first album today, which is Ex'Act by EXO. :D


(I think there is a problem with the image placed inside the spoiler. Here's a link to the photo instead!)

I waited about half a month for this to arrive, since it came from South Korea, but it was worth the wait haha

Some Info:
1. It's their third album released in June 2016 and one of the only good things that happened

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When A Wish Becomes True

by Voltaire Magneton on 01-15-15 at 02:56 AM
@Smiles; -noona!

I have no idea if I have rambled about my university admission exams here before, but...

January 13, 2015 - I woke up, and my dad was telling me: "[put university and campus here]!" I was really disoriented because I just woke up and I replied back, "What's your problem?" (I can be rude in the mornings. XD)

I found out the the university admission exams results came out that last night, and they

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Korean Pop Amidst Teachers

by Voltaire Magneton on 10-28-14 at 07:00 AM
Just an anecdote.

I was in the English Department in our school, doing stuff related to Editorial Writing. Then I found a teacher who is fan of Korean Pop.

Evidences include:

1. Out of the blue, EXO's Growl started to play. I was looking for the souce. The teacher looked confused, probably thinking that the song came from someone, like me. Then she checked her phone. GROWL WAS HER RINGTONE WTF.

2. A little later, the other teachers were

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