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    Today, 01:08 PM
    that's so beautiful <3 I'm happy you aspire to that! one of my own personal mantras will always be: "to be happy and healthy, loved and known, and to...
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    Today, 01:01 PM
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    Today, 12:53 PM
    THIS SOUNDTRACK CHOICE THOUGH <3 I can't believe user tribute invented music! for me, a big thing is seeing people treat each other really well -...
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    Today, 12:47 PM
    Bringing out the best in others - PSSSSSHAW! that would be the dream, but I don't think I quite do that yet... Prolly generating a bunch of...
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    Today, 12:46 PM
    Filipino and Chinese (': But if I had to break it down, I think I'd be 10% smoothie, 50% breakfast and 40% Vegetarian imposter!
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    Today, 12:43 PM
    the first tracks that popped into my mind! : Shuyin's Theme from FF X-2 - I remember hearing this and being genuinely afraid of this guy! What a...
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    Today, 12:32 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread The PokéMart in Marketplace
    Approved!! don't burn urself <3
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    Today, 12:48 AM
    Smiles posted a visitor message on tribute's profile
    ohhhh man I saw on the news ): figured you wouldn't be there, cause I can't imagine you listening to her lol but I hope none of your friends or loved...
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    Yesterday, 03:21 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread CHARACTER OF THE MONTH in Setting Sail
    Votes for May Character of the Month are now open! ^^ Please send votes my way, either by PM or Discord!
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    05-22-17, 12:31 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread Starter Requests in General
    BUM BUM BUM, you roll into the URPG prepared for your first big adventure! Waiting for you is this cheeky and impeccable shield Pokemon! And it looks...
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    05-22-17, 02:25 AM
    I tried to write this in a way where you wouldn't have to read chapter one to understand what's happening so don't feel compelled to do that unless...
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    05-22-17, 02:14 AM
    THANK YOU THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS EXHAUSTIVE AND EXTREMELY HELPFUL GRADE <3 spoke about some things on discord but wanted to reply here, too!! ...
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    05-22-17, 12:59 AM
    HIYA THERE and welcome to PWN! (: Quirky and weird is kinda what we do haha, so I hope you feel right at home here! I'm always here if you ever want...
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    05-22-17, 12:57 AM
    Smiles replied to a thread Starter Requests in General
    Unfortunately, Beldum is on a list of non-starter Pokemon ): The full list includes these Pokemon: Anything that's not these would make a...
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    05-21-17, 05:16 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread X/Y DCC Thread in Pokemon X and Y
    Has anyone picked up X and Y lately? o: All I do on mine nowadays is change clothes lol (in case my character gets cold in the cartridge)
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    05-21-17, 05:15 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread Hordes in Pokemon X and Y
    Wow, super cool fact in the first post! I don't EV train, so I wasn't too keen on the idea of hordes this go around ): It certainly makes sense,...
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    05-21-17, 05:13 PM
    Wow, I really liked so many of these - design-wise, Mega-Scizor and Mega-Aggron are definitely up there for this generation!
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    05-21-17, 05:10 PM
    Someone voted one-shot! HA! This is such a lame answer - but I really like both! I feel that one shots get a poignant idea across in a beautiful...
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    05-21-17, 05:02 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread Breakfast in General Discussions
    THIS, THIS I DO <3 I'm definitely a breakfast person! I use to go on runs with nothing in me early in the morning but I think overall my body prefers...
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    05-21-17, 04:59 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread Your Cookbook in General Discussions
    no (': at the undergrad I went to, everyone either had a full meal plan or nothing at all (well there was a lunch-only option in there too), and even...
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    05-21-17, 04:55 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread Your Sin in General Discussions
    I think mine would be lust - and I think it personally differs from greed or gluttony for me in that the things I become really, really passionate...
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    05-18-17, 02:45 PM
    Smiles posted a visitor message on tribute's profile
    I'm replying today btw and miss you lots and hope you're living it up in Japan and also m'dear we need IM (':
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    05-17-17, 01:24 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread Current Missions in After Hours
    MISSION ROULETTE FOR MY KIDDO TOO LEL Character Name: Bless Stats: are right here<3
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