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    04-20-17, 09:14 PM
    Mistral replied to a thread Podcast Co-Host Wanted! in General
    -A decent quality microphone, you need to be understood when you speak. - Mics are overrated. -You must be a dedicated URPG Member. - LOL NOPE....
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    04-20-17, 08:44 AM
    Smiles replied to a thread Write-a-Roll 2017! in Stories
    requesting roll <3 one of my fav comps, very grateful to the people who designed this!
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    04-19-17, 11:00 PM
    • Sitrus Berry - $3000 • TM 41 Softboiled - $3500 • Fighting Gem - $3000 • Rare Candy x5 - $2500 Total is $12000. $158500 + $12000 = $170500
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    04-19-17, 10:51 PM
    Mistral replied to a thread Write-a-Roll 2017! in Stories
    I probably won't actually submit anything, but I can save the rolls for later and write a story with them later. Roll me.
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    04-19-17, 09:53 PM
    Mistral replied to a thread Mi$tral Draw$ 4 Ca$h in Art Gallery
    #6 - Dratini the Dreamer Did all of this one tonight. Wasn't sure what to do, so I just did a Dratini dreaming of the ability to fly, since it'll be...
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    04-19-17, 09:51 PM
    Mistral replied to a thread Mi$tral Draw$ 4 Ca$h in Art Gallery
    #5 - Woobat Also drew this Woobat a while back & just got to coloring it tonight. Don't really have much else to say here either. Colored with...
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    04-19-17, 09:50 PM
    Mistral replied to a thread Mi$tral Draw$ 4 Ca$h in Art Gallery
    #4 - Tentacool Drew this Tentacool a while back, and I only just got to coloring it tonight. Not much else to say here, tbh. Was going to use...
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    04-19-17, 04:42 PM
    So I'm in love with the 7 Deadly Sins right now <3 I initially didn't like it because I don't like the portrayal of Elizabeth / the princess trope...
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    04-19-17, 04:38 PM
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    04-19-17, 04:04 PM
    honestly and truly I don't think I ever finished it! a little prioritizing other fanbase communities and other endeavors, but I remember just not...
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    04-15-17, 04:23 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread Write-a-Roll 2017! in Stories
    Mecha Cross over Hybrid / PokeSouls Juvenile fantasy Space / AH World Hybrids / PokeSouls
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    04-15-17, 03:52 PM
    Smiles started a thread Write-a-Roll 2017! in Stories
    Welcome to Write-a-Roll! image by ChristianTailor heuheu WELCOME to your 2017 Write-a-Roll Competition! A fan favorite for sure, WaR is a...
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    04-14-17, 10:36 PM
    Smiles started a thread our Hero! (Collab!!) in General
    capture attempt: the scissor blades collab partner: Senketsu mcr: not enough lol #first!! ONCE UPON A TIME there was much to fear in...
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    04-11-17, 11:26 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread A One-Winged Child in Stories
    Dash; Introduction HEY so I've never said this before, but Taliyah's a pretty badass character and it really shined through in that beginning...
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    04-11-17, 09:19 PM
    @Mistral Kumiko: Post 2 Basic Mission: 3-5 quality posts per stage are required for a player trying to evolve a 3-stage Pokemon
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    04-11-17, 08:53 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread CHARACTER OF THE MONTH in Setting Sail
    For record keeping purposes, I forgot to state in my post that @Ralin should also claim P1,500 for actually winning Character of the Month! Sorry...
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    04-10-17, 11:54 PM
    so I invited a friend to watch some anime with me and she politely declined, crushing my soul, revealing that she never felt comfortable with...
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    04-10-17, 11:42 PM
    huge cans <3 with the bass so it's like you have a club straddling your head! Even for running I like smaller over-the-ear headphones but definitely...
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    04-10-17, 11:40 PM
    Smiles replied to a thread Pokémon Go in Spin Off Games
    That's really good!! <3 You must get ALL of the Pokemon! (or be like the man who quit his job for a week to find all the Pokemon?!) For some...
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  • Smiles's Avatar
    04-10-17, 11:37 PM
    WOW Explorers of Sky for sure! I cried so much during the Red / Blue / Time / Darkness / Sky series. I really can't believe how much emotion they...
    1 replies | 54 view(s)
  • Smiles's Avatar
    04-10-17, 11:35 PM
    If the Pokemon main line of games took on a different structure from the "trainer goes here, gets a Pokemon and demolishes e4" what would that look...
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  • Smiles's Avatar
    04-10-17, 11:34 PM
    Smiles started a thread New Fossils in Pokemon Chit Chat
    What new fossilized Pokemon would you like to see? Should they take a new route for fossilized Pokemon or for reviving ancient mons, and if so, what...
    3 replies | 60 view(s)
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    04-10-17, 11:33 PM
    What are your favorite Pokemon glitches?! From each generation, we have a myriad of glitches, ranging from aesthetic to functional - from literally...
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  • Smiles's Avatar
    04-10-17, 11:31 PM
    Do you prefer a short piece of writing, that is generally one chapter (a "one shot," often times will be drabble) or a longer piece of writing? Why?
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  • Smiles's Avatar
    04-10-17, 11:31 PM
    One time I write a pirate Pokemon story that was entirely in pirate-speak, and continued to have so many typos that Word stopped keeping track and...
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  • Mistral's Avatar
    04-10-17, 10:16 PM
    Yeah, I'm like Karina, there was nothing special in me figuring it out. I had a kiddie crush on one of my male classmates in 1st grade (but lol that...
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  • Mistral's Avatar
    04-10-17, 10:13 PM
    The ideal image of a family for me is a group of people that does stuff together. Maybe not all the time, but you know, more than every once in a...
    2 replies | 89 view(s)
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Date of Birth
December 26, 1996 (20)
About Palamon
Hello. My name is Pala. I am eighteen years old and simply want to write until my fingers break. I am avidly obsessed with mahou shojo, OS-tans, manga, cartoons, Homestuck, Kagerou Project, Choujigen Game Neptune, RWBY, Touhou Project, Doctor Who, Vocaloids and glitches. Especially the first two on this list here. At my core, I'm not a happy person, and heck if I know if I ever will be. I am an aspiring author who already wrote a 490 page novel. Obviously, I have no life if I'm capable of doing something like that.

Of all the things in the world, all I wish is to get my novel published. Nothing else would bring color into my world other than that.

And I keep my VMs limited for a reason. Just, please, don't ask. I'm insecure about it and just don't want them open to everyone is all. I accept friend requests 82% of the time, anyway. Feel free to add me.

Until my goals are completed, I will remain wandering the Internet my entire life. It sounds like a fine journey, but it shall come to an end once my book makes it out there in the real world.

I fangirl about a new anime each week, so be careful with me.

Oh yeah, hi there...

By the way, no fictional twelve year old is safe as long as I can write a story about her.

And Karneval is v v gay and I appreciate its gayness.


I am currently obsessed with Show by Rock, Mikagura School Suite, A Certain Scientific Railgun and Owari no Seraph.

I am a pink haired yandere at heart.

Side note: I use Maxthon Cloud Browser which does not display certain fonts. So, if you use lucida handwriting I won't be able to see it.

If my activity is "Viewing Who's Online" for hours on end, I'm afk.

I like yuri. Spam me with yuri couples on my profile. It'll make me happy.

I have officially been made Tokyo Ghoul trash as of 2/23/15.

My pronouns are they/them. I won't get angry if you address me wrong.
Male ♂
Pokemon, Magical Girl, Glitches.
High School Graduate
Favorite Pokémon:
Treecko, Sneasel, Litwick, Dewott and Vulpix.
Artist, Writer, Communicator, Gamer


Okay, you got me. I'm an idol. But no autographs!!
Hummingbird! Pair
I'm redoing this thing someday.


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