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~~~ sky high ~~~ .5

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(a continuation of ~~~ sky high ~~~)

Day 8
{The past}
Hm. Not much notable really happened in my past. I went to school pretty much every day except when I was sick; apparently for my junior and senior years of high school, I never missed a day, which was pretty cool. (Some people apparently never missed days their whole school careers, I dunno how they did it.) I didn't get my first detention until I was in 6th grade; a friend and I had forgotten to do homework for a class, it was two separate assignments for two different classes, so we copied each other's work for the assignment for the class we didn't do work for. We had to write apology letters to the teachers in question, and I ended up with a detention. :c It wasn't great, but then I sorta swore never to let anyone copy my work again because I was terrified of getting caught. I got Student of the Month a lot in elementary school. .-. Honor roll too. High school wasn't all that great; I got honor roll, but nothing really exciting happened until my senior year. I was inducted into the Spanish and Thespian Honor Societies, and I'd received an award for my volunteer work. :3 All that was really nice.

I actually like animals a lot. At one point, when I was a child, I wanted to be a vet, but then that whole thing where you may have to tell someone their beloved pet needs to be put to sleep, I wouldn't be able to do it. I'd probably get some sort of emotional attachment to the animal while caring for them, and then it would break my heart to have to tell a family that. It takes a strong person to be a vet, and I commend those that are able to do it. My favorites are probably cats, wolves, huskies, and red pandas (or basically any cute, adorable animal).

I'll keep this short and sweet since this post is going to be pretty long as it is. I was born on June 30th, nearly 20 years ago. i'm getting old ;~; I've lived in the city I live in my whole life, though we're moving to another nearby city within the next year. I graduated from high school in June 2012, a little over 2 years ago. (Public schools here finish around the middle of June, with graduations happening during finals week for the high schools.) I was apparently identified as gifted and had the opportunity to go to a gifted school to learn at a more advanced rate or something, I'm not really sure, but my mom kept me out of it since the education wouldn't have been much different than what I would have received in a traditional setting, which looking at it, it really isn't, other than there's smaller class sizes and you get more attention on you and whatnot. I applied to university during my senior year, but I was rejected due to my low SAT scores; I've never been that great of a test taker. With that, I decided to take a semester off and start community college in January 2013. I'd like to say community college isn't as bad as people seem to make it out to be. It's just like university, except class sizes are smaller and the people tend to be older. There's less of that influence to do things besides study and do your work and all that stuff that you see at a typical university. I've never been much of the party type anyways. I plan to transfer to university next year (hopefully graduating from community college with high honors!!!) and from there, we'll see where life takes me! c:

Day 9
{The present}
Presently, besides catching up on our lovely diary event, I'm just on summer break, really. My birthday is in 5 days (at the time of posting), and I'll be turning 20. I have plans to go out to a hibachi grill with my dad, which I'm pretty excited for, and we're picking up my cake Saturday. I refuse to look at it until Monday though. I kinda want it to be a surprise. :0 Haven't really done much this summer. I went to a friend's graduation party the Sunday after she graduated, which was nice. c: She's one of the youngest of my group of friends; the youngest graduate next year. I also have plans to go see fireworks with my mom on July 4th; that's going to be exciting. c: First time seeing these fireworks too, at least at the place we're going to. They had a festival in the same area recently, and some guy dropped his phone in the water (we were on the pier, and they were sitting closest to the water). Noted to not sit close to the water, haha. Don't wanna drop my phone that's not even a month old yet in the water. I'd cry. ;~;

My favorite holidays are the ones I get off from school and/or work, said everyone ever.

But no, seriously, my favorite one of all time would have to be Christmas. All of that festivity and the holiday cheer, it brightens my spirits. c: It's nice to have all of that~ Also just seeing all of the (hopefully) happy people when they open their presents, that's cool too. And being able to help someone less fortunate get presents is super nice. Makes you feel special knowing that you helped someone else who couldn't afford to get a tree or buy presents for their kids have something to open on Christmas Day. :0

{Things you're thankful for}
A lot, really. My family, of course, especially my parents. I dunno what I'd do without them half the time. Also my dad's boss' family. They're kinda like a second family to me. c: I've known them since I was little, for as long as my dad's known them, really. They're great, really. Their son's a bro; he's older than me, obviously, but he's still pretty cool. Their whole family is cool, really. And of course boyfriend, but I've talked about him enough through this series.

and omg i'm so tired of doing this ahhhhhhhhhhh. will do more later hopefully idek.
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