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No, not Pokemon. Don't worry

I'm quitting smoking. Currently on Day3 of noSmoke-project and although I had in mind to vlog about it to further motivate me..
Just stopping works fine - I toned it down slowly but when I went out of a pack after 1.5 day... yeah, it was the time to say enough is enough. I don't wanna waste money on this bullcrap nor do I want to waste my body.

I've been a bit grumpy but so far nothing too over the top. I might continue vaping but considering we have a sensitive fire-alarm, I really cannot be bothered to even care. Now I just need help to quit using this snus(swedish "chewing"-tobacco we put under our lips)

I guess a backstory is needed for my further motivation to just stop..
I do have one. I got to know what is wrong with my body from my doctor in one day, which I haven't heard from any doctor in my life. I have high liver values, and will be doing an ultrasound soon, which kinda worries me. She asked me if I was a heavy drinker, which I know is a control question, but I don't. I only casually drink and even then it's very rare. So my body is in a bad shape, I know this. And it's time for a change.
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  1. LowlyHumanCub's Avatar
    Congrats on the decision! I've gone through periods of regular smoking and cold-turkey, so I know how it can feel to just drop it on your own. If I'm smoking and quit usually I get pretty irritable as well for a good while, sometime headaches too. Just hang in there and don't give in to the urge to just go get another pack! You should drop the snus for sure, don't want to wake up one day with something strange under your lip or on your gums! snus and dipping have always been pretty popular around here, but just getting rid of the gross-factor is more than worth it ;) Hope you get some positive news health-wise, hang in there!
  2. Saur's Avatar
    Nice man! I have a lot of friends that do it and I've seen how hard it is to stop. You got this!
  3. Dazzer's Avatar
    Oh god I entirely missed this due to lack of notifications. Wow.

    Anyways, I went cold turkey and I still use snus, but I'm 100% cigarette free. I got 2 cravings after the stop, but nothing too major nor was I "desperate" for a cig. Just had a feeling of something missing. I went to my mother and she smokes like a sponge and to be honest, it was disgusting. The smell, all the smoke, it literally made me sick.

    In other health news as well, my liver is OK, but still going to do ultrasound of it to confirm. And in even better news, non-related, I'm teaming with dev to make a game. Alpha should be done end of this month.

  4. LowlyHumanCub's Avatar
    Awesome, sounds like things are looking up :P