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  1. Hence, we like the free upgrades of FL Studio. Also, I don't usually use Skype because it has problems with my computer, but I will add you anyway.
  2. I'll probably actually buy FL at some point, but now it isn't looking good. And all the VST's I use.. It's going to be expensive. Could add me on skype and we could work a bit together :)
  3. I recently upgraded to FL12 from FL10. I am still not familiar with some updated features yet, but I already know that it is much better than FL11 lol. *cheers for FL Studio 10*
  4. Yup! Been a user of FLStudio since...06 but didn't really get into it until 8-9. I still don't like 11/12.. and also having issues with Nexus/Sylenth. If you use FL10 we could collaborate at some point. :}
  5. Another person here with FL Studio! Excellent :D
    When you can create your own original stuff, you know that you have the skills.
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