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  1. Awh, I hope you have fun with the event though! It's a great way to meet some new people and really get to know Petalburg Woods!

    If you do end up participating in events/wanting to, I would recommend that you create a PC in the PokePets forum (, that way you can participate in the PokePets event (If you want to).
  2. Yes, I joined a team but I don't know if I will be active in events.
    gogo #TeamMagma
  3. Gah, I thought that was 2015, not 2014! That's crazy!

    I'll check it out! You sign up for the Pokemon Extravaganza?
  4. *Years and months lol. I am back again and I made a new RP thread. Let's see if this one is more successful than the previous one last time here.
  5. Hey there~ It's been a couple of months since we talked. How is everything going?
  6. Oh, really? Sounds very interesting! I will definitely check it out!

    XD I've seen that in the recent posts area! It's getting big!
  7. It's a non-pokemon original RPG, in a fantasy/fiction setting. The RPG is about characters finding inner peace in a place where cultures collide. The link to the RPG thread is in my signature, Travelling Through Pictures RPG.
  8. Ah, okay! Glad to have another RPGer! We haven't had one in awhile! What is your RPG about?
  9. Nope, not for URPG. I made a little RPG thread on BMGf, but because there wasn't enough players to get things started, I extended it here on PWF, so it's now some kind of dual-board RPG.
  10. Well, Hi! haha

    That's great. Did you join for the URPG?
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