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  1. Ah. I don't remember asking about that, but it sounds interesting!
  2. In answer to your question, the Vinland Saga was the vikings journey across the Americas.
  3. Hope class goes well for you!

    I'm just passing away the time until my break's over. I don't go back to classes until the 30th, so I've got another week to relax and do stuff. Mostly spent my summer relaxing and playing games though. xD
  4. Hmmm? I have class tomorrow. What are you up to these days?
  5. Hey! Glad to see you back!

    I'm doing alright. About to head off to bed in a little bit (even though it's 6am whoops), but I'm doing well otherwise. How about yourself?
  6. I have been busy bee for a bit.
    But have now made a re-appearance.

    I hope you are well Felly?
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