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  1. *thumbs up* :D
  2. /boop

    Added you to friends!
  3. Aw yey :)

    Fair enough, it is a big commitment :/ especially if you're in the events like Mafia which require you yo be active at least every other day.

    Ah thank youuu *__* that really means a lot to me that you checked it out! It's basically just fanart :/ so I need to start some original stuff haha
  4. Haha thanks! Out of the three forums I visit for URPG I like it here the most anyway.

    I really want to be part of BX but all of it happens in August and I go back to college then. I don't want to commit to it when I'll be going inactive haha.

    Saw your dA page btw! Awesome stuff.
  5. :0 oooooooooo I seeeeeeee~ even so, still good to have ya here, even if Felly did force you XD

    And dem PokePets :0 I need to get back into that. My egg is probs fully evolved by now :/

    Soo you gonna hop in and do stuff for the Birthday Extravaganza???
  6. Hiya! Glad to be here. Was mostly only on for URPG, but Felly made me go and be active on here more. :D
    also, PokéPets lmao
  7. Hi there :) We never really got the chance to meet! Nice to have another active memeber on the forums!
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