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  1. Huh, it says that the invite is either invalid or has expired ; n ;
  2. YAY totally understandable! :) apparently, this thing adds by links, so here this is~! URPG discord woo! AHHH I'm so, so happy you liked it!! <3 thanks for being awesome, AND super cool!
  3. I was in it previously, but left when I got busy with school. I would love to be readied again! Aeon Apostle #7172 Thank you so much <3 And thank you so much for the gift, I haven't been able to post there to thank you yet but I appreciate it so much!!!
  4. Hi K'sariya! I hope you're having a great day!!

    Just wanted to ask: have you been added to the urpg discord / would you like to be added to the chat rooms? It's a really fun, trolly time with everyone! =D
  5. HEYYYY there and belated WELCOME to PWN and the URPG! so stoked to see you here and your character app in AH! the design is beautifully written omg ;~~~~~; hope you have a lot of fun here! if you have any questions about anything / just want to talk, I'm here for you!
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