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  1. I think so. Would have to check to see if I know the password.
  2. btw, do you have an older account on PWN under the AmericanTreeFrog name?
  3. Oh, hey ATF!
  4. Would you mind linking me to your trainer stats, please?
  5. Already have a starter, it's just old because I haven't done anything. Just trying to get in to do a battle or two since forum battles take awhile.
  6. Nice to meet you!

    There are two Discord servers you might be interested in! To join the Discord server for PWN, you can use this link:

    If you'd like to join URPG, our multi-faceted Pokemon role-playing game, please request your Starter Pokemon here:

    Once your starter request has been approved, I'd be happy to provide an invite to the URPG Discord server as well! I also recommend checking out our Getting Started guide:
    Thanks for reaching out! Please let me know if you have any other questions!
  7. Hello, new here and I'm trying to get an invite to the discord chat for battles and and stuff. Says I have to message a mod/official
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