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  1. No problem. Some technical issues. Today was very hot out.
  2. That's good!
  3. Me too I don't want to see this ever again. I know right ? Now its alot better now.
  4. Lets hope so :) And that sucks :/ Is it better now?
  5. I know right ? I know maybe that both of those fourms would get popular someday. Right now my internet is running slow right now.
  6. Awh, that sucks. Well, at least Slateport/PWN still exist!
  7. Nope not at all I guess cause they didn't say that they where. Once when you go on to the site itself it says that we have some great memeries there.
  8. Did they say if they were going to or not?
  9. Yes they told me that errors and stuff technical issues. I know right ? That's what I think about it too. Your right on that one they should really to be honest. I noticed when I viewed your profile forgot that I did. :P Coolness on that one.
  10. Oh really? That stinks that they did it on accident! Maybe they will rebuild it :)

    I'm not an admin here, just a moderator :) I do come on here a lot! Haha.
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