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  1. I teach English haha. And yea, Ash is a good guy keeping that Drillbur for me. I only need a bit for money and then BAM. I feel bad for Fellsters though, she has a Remoraid for me still (yikes I need to make cash!)

    Traveling is scary at first, but if assert your confidence in everything and just go with whatever, it becomes a breeze (also experience, which I have a lot of now haha). It's a pretty fun adventure so far! I'm just worried how I'm going to get my DS, charger, and Pokémon Sun over to me ('cause it'll be expensive!) :x
  2. Ah man, thats super cool though! You're doing so much xD I cant imagine traveling overseas myself as it seems super scary. Things are pretty good with me, nothings changed with my crappy job haha. What exactly are you teaching if you dont mind me asking? :>

    oh also, Ash mentioned he still has your drilbur xD
  3. Yea haha, I'm busy overseas so it's hard to come on (even at all) because I'm teaching and traveling. I'm doing well though! Hope all's well with you!
  4. heeyy, how's life Liam D:
    I dont see ya on anymore haha
  5. Eyy boo ;D
  6. Yo Liam :>
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