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  1. You're welcome, they really do look good. I hope everyone else will appreciate them.
  2. Oh damn! haha These look sick. :D
  3. Got them updated! Thank you so much for these beautiful bars! :)
  4. WOW thank you so much for these beautiful userbars, Verzerrung!! I'll enable this as soon as I can! they're gorgeous! Thank you for all of your hard work!
  5. Staff Bars? Thoughts? I did the female one for Admin and Moderators so both genders can be entitled or based on gender preference or hero preference. Hopefully you like them, I tried to go for cohesion with the theme being the new default and all. We also needed new set and something fresh. I thought we could stray away from colored bars matching our names and try something else.

  6. Sent you a message on Discord. Hope all is well.
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