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  1. :)
  2. Coooooool. I PM'd you about it.
  3. There's a ct60 discord server now
  4. I hope she's doing okay.

    I recently went back to the Count to 60 Wiki to browse. It brought back a lot of fun memories.
  5. Yeah Dragalge, Egg and I miss Octagon lol
  6. Hey Hexagon, maybe I should become Octagon here, just to be funny. :)

    I still remember your friend Octagon from EGC. She was funny.
  7. I'm fine, and I replied to your PM on PXR.

    Can you PM other people here?
  8. so hi, how's it going? I haven't been on these small forums in a while

    I sent you a pm on pxr because for some reason I can't pm you here
  9. Not too bad, and not too good: just right.
  10. Hey! Long time no talk! How are you?
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