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  1. Ah okay, I was wondering why it wouldn't let me through at first so that maybe why.
  2. It may of needed the "é"
  3. Got through (as you know), well the question was clear but I guess it doesn't accept the answer all that well? The first question was "What is this forum about?" I answered Pokemon since I was told it is a Pokemon majority forum, it wouldn't let me through until the second question "What Pokemon evolves into multiple types?" came up.
  4. We are working on the questions. Was it not clear enough? We had a lot of bots.
  5. One problem I'm encountering on the random question for registration, it's saying wrong answer each time I try to continue.

    Wait nevermind, it let me continue now lol.
  6. Thank you! (: I will message you there.
  7. Awesome! Will go ahead and join then :)
  8. Registration is open on TPP.
  9. That would be awesome! (:
  10. Thank you! Looks neat, I'll have to join soon then ^^
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