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  1. - Deleted by self -
  2. It was 50x50, but I've bumped it up to 100x100.
  3. And what is that size?
  4. Might be the restrictions on the max size for avatars in your user group.
  5. I'm uploading a 150x150 avatar and it's shrinking when it's uploaded. Any ideas on what it might be?
  6. We had Mana make new bars for us that we're currently using now.
  7. Did anyone ever edit the bars I made or it hasn't been updated since? Thanks.
  8. Yeah, I remember, but iirc, we removed most everyone due to inactivity. I'll add you to the group again, that way you have access to the boards & you can see what all we're doing~
  9. You don't recall I was a part of it when you first created it? I made the staff bars. Remember? I did input a submission on the thread, so I am interested. Though, I'll help with whatever you made need within my capabilities.
  10. We would still like help, yes! Proto and I have made quite a few themes, but there's still a lot that need to be updated for vB4 and whatnot. Were you interested in joining?
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