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  1. It's really awesome!! ;; Hope you had a happy new year's btw <3
  2. Aah, I'm so late to seeing this, but thank you much, Smiles! It means a lot to me when others think so. ;o;
  3. idk if I've ever said this, but your artwork on DA is really gorgeous btw ;~~~~~~; !! everyone's expressions and forms are so natural and smooth, I love it!
  4. Ooooh at least you're being realistic and optimistic, too! Analyze those mistakes, but don't focus too much on them - you've got an incredible path paved out for you! <3 And oooh, what sort of electives do you like?
  5. It could have been much smoother, I'll admit, but certainly not too bad for Freshman year. ^^; I do have higher hopes for 10th grade, though, since I'll try to look around at some more elective classes that I might like.
  6. AHHH YAY! it's summer, so good to relax <3 How did school go this year?
  7. Good to hear~ I haven't been up to much, myself, other than being thankful for the summer break. ^^;
  8. heu, I've been good! n~n Just working, and writing here and there haha, blending things. It's been a fun summer so far!

    How about you? :D
  9. Thank you, Smiles! c': How have you been?
  10. OOOOOOH WELCOME BAAAAAACK! <333 I missed you!
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