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  1. You did, though I find it's a common thing new people do (I'm quite guilty of doing the same myself at one point, haha!)

    I chose Houndour--no contest. Houndoom's my favorite Pokemon =)
  2. Oh hey! Gosh, how embarrassing- does that mean I just wrote on my own profile?? Haha! Thanks for the advice, lol!

    What starter did you choose, back when you had to? There's so many of them, it's quite hard to pick!
  3. Glad to see you sign up in URPG! Azurill's a pretty cute starter = ) If you have any questions at all, let me or other URPG members know! We're all glad to help. By the way, can't help but notice--to reply to a Visitor Message, click "View Conversation", then write your message on the appropriate box. That way whoever you're conversing with will see your message on their profile. = )
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