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  1. You cannot because it was added after this battle started.
  2. Hi! I'm asking something about the gym battle with PV/The Artist. Can I use Electivire, considering that the gym battle started first before I added Electivire to my gym line-up. Thanks!
  3. It's fine! Good luck with your finals! :DDD
  4. Yep, I looked a little earlier~ I have no problems with continuing it; I still have the encounter list for it, so no worries there. I'll try to get you a reply asap. I'm in the middle of finals right now, and I have a few other people waiting for me to reply, so it'll probably be a bit before I can actually get a reply to you. I finish next week though, so I'll probably be binging all the things I've wanted to do the past few weeks but haven't done.
  5. Hi! I surprisingly replied on the Individual RP in BMG, which had its last reply last November '15 lol I hope we can recontinue the RP XDD
  6. Awesome! Thank you so much!!!!
  7. Grade is up! Any complaints, please tell me :D
  8. Yes, you can! (I had to ask Winter before I replied 'cause I wasn't sure, haha.) As long as it makes sense/is realistic, it's fine. Not sure how you could make the CC longer, since you've got it trapped with the vines, unless you wanted to play around with the sleeping fish for fun, haha. Feebas is a bit of a difficult Pokemon to RP in park, I think, just because of its limited move pool. n_n But I'll work with whatever you decide to do~
  9. Hi Felly! I have a question in the National Park RP of ours:

    Can I leave the battle with the Feebas? I'm having difficulties with making it any longer for the CC count (unless you have suggestions about it (: )
  10. Hayyyyyyy.

    When you get a chance, you should post about the SRPG (thread in the RP section) on Twitter (and Tumblr if you're doing that :0). c: We want to spread the word!!!
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