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  1. Nice to meet you too. My main concern is simply choosing the best Pokemon to help me in Battles. Any Pokemon I should prioritize on getting?
  2. Hi there, and welcome to the URPG!

    I'm Magikchicken, and my role is as the URPG Guide, meaning I volunteer to help people find their way around the game (especially when they're first getting started!)

    If you have any questions, or would like advice with starting out on any of the URPG's main sections (Battles, Stories, Art, the Safari-Zone-style National Park RP, Contests, and the free-form After Hours RP) just let me know!

    I'm easy to reach on Discord; here's a link to the server where a lot of the action (battles, chatting, requesting Poké Mart approvals) tends to take place:

    Or message me here!

    Have a good one~
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