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  1. Woo! It's not a problem! ♥
  2. Yes Felly I can get you those TMs!!! Thank you so much for doing that! I'm going to love that squishy fishy till it pops!

    Once upon a time, I agreed to write a Remoraid for you. I now have that Remoraid like 4579347970392 years later.

    I ask for the following TMs in exchange for your Remoraid:
    • TM 59 Hidden Power: $3000
    • TM 53 Curse: $3500
    • TM 81 Detect: $7000

    Total is $13500 for those TMs. If you want to add a little more, you can, I don't care, but just that will be fine too!! Whenever you can get to this is fine by me, I know you're busy with real life and all. I'll hold onto your Remoraid until you can claim it! :D
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