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  1. You’re absolutely right <3
  2. You can surmount any obstacle that comes your way! With friends by your side! You got it!

    Thank you <3 !
  3. Thx, Smiles! Irl is pretty stressful for now haha but doing my best! Hope all is well with you and URPG!
  4. hi friend!! <3 hope all is going well and AWESOME irl! we miss you!
  5. Thanks, Smilesss!!! Hope you're having a good year so far!
  6. HAPPY BUHHHHHDAY SWIFTIE DEAR <3333 hope you're having a fantastic day!!
  7. I ended up scoring a 100 on it woo!! :D

    YES haha #1 college problem is always moneymoneymoney u_u ...well maybe that ties with the work-load stress gahh D: but it's cool! I just gotta buckle down and work hard. Glad to hear things are going well for you ^^. I wish you luck on your paper! If it's anything like your stories, I know you'll earn a good grade =]
  8. Thank you, Swiftie <333 And ooood good luck with the papers! How did your one go about the movie? I bet you're doing a FANTASTIC job! <3

    haha, everything feels like it's happening! Just been doing a lot of work, and prolly spending too much money loool. We had an extended weekend, and it's nice to see so many people / do so many things (and spend money ahh ;~~~~~~~~; ) but yeah! Just working on a 10-pager and some studying here and there. It's chill and stressful but having a good time too.
  9. haha no worries! Take your time, I'm sure it will turn out amazing as your stories usually do ^^. College is good! It will probably be better after I finish writing these two papers, but good nonetheless! How about you? Anything exciting going on?
  10. SWITIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~! <333 I'm actually still working on it - but man it's going to be like 200k+; I'm really not sure when it'll be here DDD: I can't even give a reasonable estimate of when it'll be done (well actually the next free, freeee time I'll have to really tackle it is December). Yo by then it'll be a gift on me! I apologize it's taking so long!

    How's college going? <3
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