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  1. I think you've mentioned it before on Discord, and I feel like you may have posted on BMGf, but I'm so busy right now that I honestly could not tell you if you have or not. xD

    Nevertheless, I took care of it just now before I forget again. Thanks for reminding me!!
  2. Apparently I'm really good at remembering things and forgot to post this for you like a month ago.

    ChainReaction and Princess Crow should have their respective moderator powers removed. (You could also remove the redundant ones from HKim and Smiles, but that wouldn't change anything anyways since they don't do anything.)
  3. Thanks, fixed. Copy/pasting OP
  4. Hey, I just noticed this, but in this log for the contest this morning, you said "Felly & Lucario," and I don't actually own a Lucario yet. xD I used Unfezant in the contest in case you forgot by the time you see this. xD
  5. We're opponents for the Starter's Tournament. xD i swear it's like we always battle each other. So would you like me to make the thread or do you want to do it?
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