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  1. Got My First Album :D

    I got my first album today, which is Ex'Act by EXO. :D


    (I think there is a problem with the image placed inside the spoiler. Here's a link to the photo instead!)

    I waited about half a month for this to arrive, since it came from South Korea, but it was worth the wait haha

    Some Info:
    1. It's their third album released in June 2016 and one of the only good things that happened ...

    No, not Pokemon. Don't worry

    I'm quitting smoking. Currently on Day3 of noSmoke-project and although I had in mind to vlog about it to further motivate me..
    Just stopping works fine - I toned it down slowly but when I went out of a pack after 1.5 day... yeah, it was the time to say enough is enough. I don't wanna waste money on this bullcrap nor do I want to waste ...
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  3. Don't play DDR if you're older than high school age

    So there I was, at a laser tag place, drawn in by the flashing lights of DDR. "I used to be good at this in high school," I told myself. "I'm a little out of shape now, but it'll be fine!" I said.

    End of the song required three jumps, and on the last jump there's a loud CRACK, pain, and my knee pops sideways, and I just sort of crumple. And I'm here know typing at this awkward angle while my leg's up on pillows and shit with ice on top.

    Only someone ...
  4. ~~~ sky high ~~~ .5

    (a continuation of ~~~ sky high ~~~)

    Day 8
    {The past}
    Hm. Not much notable really happened in my past. I went to school pretty much every day except when I was sick; apparently for my junior and senior years of high school, I never missed a day, which was pretty cool. (Some people apparently never missed days their whole school careers, I dunno how they did it.) I didn't get my first detention until I was in 6th grade; a friend and I had forgotten to do homework for ...
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  5. ~~~ sky high ~~~

    Playing catch up again, whoaaaaa!

    Day 5
    Mmmm, love me some food. But I'm pretty picky, so there's loads of foods I don't actually like. I also just cannot eat the same thing over and over again. I'd get bored of it and just sick of it. Foods I like include pizza, nachos, trail mix (especially the ones you can get at Target, mmmm), chips & dip, and basically a bunch of other unhealthy foods. xD But I do eat healthy foods too, don't get me wrong! Foods I don't ...
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