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  1. Music and future projects and stuff

    So, blog entries, cool.

    At the moment I'm playing Minecraft whilst pondering on all my projects, cause there's a quite few things I want to get done this year(although most likely wont happen because I don't have the economy for it)

    By importance
    -By comission
    A video for a client about me. For some odd reason. This will be a short project which I'll get a fair amount of cash in return.

    -By requests
    A few Pokémon remixes, PWN Skypechat ...
  2. Backlog: 07-12-14

    I feel pretty low today.

    So many things have happened this month... my sister is in trouble and possibly in danger of not having a place to live because of my mother. I wish I could help her... sometimes I think I never should have left. I feel like such a low coward, letting her deal with that alone.

    I did something bad. And I hurt Manny. And he forgave me right away, but... I can see him thinking about it. I know it's between us and it taints those little moments ...
  3. Backlog: 06-19-14 (Part 2)

    Day 6: Dreams ; adventures ; inspiration
    Are these dreams in the literal sense, or dreams as in, aspirations? If it's the first one, I never really remember my dreams. If I do remember them on rare occassions, they're always very strange and nonsensical. They're never extremely negative or nightmarish, but sometimes they're not happy, either. As for my aspirations, in the future I have such big wishes for myself. My wish is to be recognized and accomplished. I want to have the feeling
  4. Backlog: 06-19-14 (Part 1)

    Trying to catch up to day nineteen!

    Day 3: Goals ; quotes ; celebrity crushes
    Hmm... my goals in life? I really, really want to become a prominent artist of some sort and make money from it. Although to do this, I must accomplish the goal of disciplining myself and acquiring the necessary skills and organization. It's very hard; my mind is always so scattered and it takes a long time for me to accomplish a task I have lost interest in. I also have a niggling thought ...
  5. Backlog: 06-13-14

    Woo day two and another reason to post in journals.

    Day Two: Books ; movies ; music
    BOOOKS. I love anything to do with fantasy, dragons, adventures, romance, interesting documentaries... I'll read almost anything in front of my face. My favorite books have to be the LotR series, Shannara, and Harry Potter. I also love how-to art books.

    Movies... I like anything with cool monsters/creatures, a strong female, superheroes, action, fantasy. I'm not so much
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