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  1. ~~ sky high ~~

    Long post coming up, whoaaaaa~ but i'm probably not going to catch up 'cause i'm leaving at 6:09pm whoaaaa

    Day 3
    Quite a few of those, I think. I'll just list them all off. Easier that way, I think.

    • Finish community college with high honors (requires a 3.5 GPA)
    • EM all of my Pokemon in URPG
    • Write a story for each rank in URPG
    • Get into the school I want to transfer to
    • Organize things in my room :c It definitely ...
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  2. ~ sky high ~

    ~ sky high ~
    This here is my event diary that I'll inevitably post in more than my normal diary whoops. Separate from my normal one, I'm striving to complete all three prompts for the given day. Hopefully I actually manage to complete this, haha. :3

    Day 1
    {Dear boyfriend}
    Wow. Six, going on seven, months. It's been a magical, amazing journey, I have to admit. I wasn't even looking for love, wasn't even trying to find a boyfriend. I just wanted to enjoy life as ...
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  3. Who's That Pokemon? #1

    Here we are with our first article of TNN's new segment: Who's That Pokemon?

    Here's how the game works. I'll type you up a description (with words, not easy-give-away picture) and the first one to comment and say the correect Pokemon wins! Okay? Here we go!



    i am creature

    as beautiful as can be

    though may regard that

    i am destined to be beauty

    i swim in the water

    waiting to
  4. So proud!

    I'm so proud of myself today. Stardate 29112015 at 2100 hours.
    It's official now.

    Hi, I'm DJ Dazzer.
    I'm now signed as a regular host on the old and famous, one of the biggest hardcore radio stations, called
    My show is every Thursday, 6-7pm UK time(GMT-0) and my show is called Thursday Madness with Dazzer!
    I will play my epic library of hardcore and sometimes I guess I can move onto chiptune, if wanted.

    Today I had an amazing ...
  5. When A Wish Becomes True

    @Smiles; -noona!

    I have no idea if I have rambled about my university admission exams here before, but...

    January 13, 2015 - I woke up, and my dad was telling me: "[put university and campus here]!" I was really disoriented because I just woke up and I replied back, "What's your problem?" (I can be rude in the mornings. XD)

    I found out the the university admission exams results came out that last night, and they ...
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