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TNN- PWN Branch

Torchic News Network

Giving you up to date articles about this 1996 video game that has now became a world sensation

Current Segments:


1.BREAKING NEWS- Gives you news updates current events about Pokemon in the real world

2.Article- A normal article. Can be an interview of somebody, research on a certain topic, or whatever fills your boat.

3.Pokemon for your Thought?- Interviews and researches Pokemon and their usage and potential in the metagame, competitive battling.

4.Ribbon Worshipers- Interviews and researches Pokemon and their usage and potential in Contests.

5.Who's That Pokemon?- A common segment where a typed description is given to the reader and the first one to come up with the right Pokemon wins.

6.Trading Post- When the time comes, a Pokemon will be held up for trade, and the one who gives the best offer gets the trade.

7.Did You Know?- We give you amazing facts and trivia questions that some of you have never heard of.

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  1. Who's That Pokemon? #1

    Here we are with our first article of TNN's new segment: Who's That Pokemon?

    Here's how the game works. I'll type you up a description (with words, not easy-give-away picture) and the first one to comment and say the correect Pokemon wins! Okay? Here we go!



    i am creature

    as beautiful as can be

    though may regard that

    i am destined to be beauty

    i swim in the water

    waiting to