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    No, not Pokemon. Don't worry

    I'm quitting smoking. Currently on Day3 of noSmoke-project and although I had in mind to vlog about it to further motivate me..
    Just stopping works fine - I toned it down slowly but when I went out of a pack after 1.5 day... yeah, it was the time to say enough is enough. I don't wanna waste money on this bullcrap nor do I want to waste ...
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  2. So proud!

    I'm so proud of myself today. Stardate 29112015 at 2100 hours.
    It's official now.

    Hi, I'm DJ Dazzer.
    I'm now signed as a regular host on the old and famous, one of the biggest hardcore radio stations, called
    My show is every Thursday, 6-7pm UK time(GMT-0) and my show is called Thursday Madness with Dazzer!
    I will play my epic library of hardcore and sometimes I guess I can move onto chiptune, if wanted.

    Today I had an amazing ...
  3. Music and future projects and stuff

    So, blog entries, cool.

    At the moment I'm playing Minecraft whilst pondering on all my projects, cause there's a quite few things I want to get done this year(although most likely wont happen because I don't have the economy for it)

    By importance
    -By comission
    A video for a client about me. For some odd reason. This will be a short project which I'll get a fair amount of cash in return.

    -By requests
    A few Pokémon remixes, PWN Skypechat ...