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  1. Got My First Album :D

    I got my first album today, which is Ex'Act by EXO. :D


    (I think there is a problem with the image placed inside the spoiler. Here's a link to the photo instead!)

    I waited about half a month for this to arrive, since it came from South Korea, but it was worth the wait haha

    Some Info:
    1. It's their third album released in June 2016 and one of the only good things that happened ...
  2. When A Wish Becomes True

    @Smiles; -noona!

    I have no idea if I have rambled about my university admission exams here before, but...

    January 13, 2015 - I woke up, and my dad was telling me: "[put university and campus here]!" I was really disoriented because I just woke up and I replied back, "What's your problem?" (I can be rude in the mornings. XD)

    I found out the the university admission exams results came out that last night, and they ...
  3. Korean Pop Amidst Teachers

    Just an anecdote.

    I was in the English Department in our school, doing stuff related to Editorial Writing. Then I found a teacher who is fan of Korean Pop.

    Evidences include:

    1. Out of the blue, EXO's Growl started to play. I was looking for the souce. The teacher looked confused, probably thinking that the song came from someone, like me. Then she checked her phone. GROWL WAS HER RINGTONE WTF.

    2. A little later, the other teachers were ...