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In which Mistral writes about things.

  1. ~~~ sky high ~~~ .5

    (a continuation of ~~~ sky high ~~~)

    Day 8
    {The past}
    Hm. Not much notable really happened in my past. I went to school pretty much every day except when I was sick; apparently for my junior and senior years of high school, I never missed a day, which was pretty cool. (Some people apparently never missed days their whole school careers, I dunno how they did it.) I didn't get my first detention until I was in 6th grade; a friend and I had forgotten to do homework for ...
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  2. ~~~ sky high ~~~

    Playing catch up again, whoaaaaa!

    Day 5
    Mmmm, love me some food. But I'm pretty picky, so there's loads of foods I don't actually like. I also just cannot eat the same thing over and over again. I'd get bored of it and just sick of it. Foods I like include pizza, nachos, trail mix (especially the ones you can get at Target, mmmm), chips & dip, and basically a bunch of other unhealthy foods. xD But I do eat healthy foods too, don't get me wrong! Foods I don't ...
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  3. ~~ sky high ~~

    Long post coming up, whoaaaaa~ but i'm probably not going to catch up 'cause i'm leaving at 6:09pm whoaaaa

    Day 3
    Quite a few of those, I think. I'll just list them all off. Easier that way, I think.

    • Finish community college with high honors (requires a 3.5 GPA)
    • EM all of my Pokemon in URPG
    • Write a story for each rank in URPG
    • Get into the school I want to transfer to
    • Organize things in my room :c It definitely ...
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  4. ~ sky high ~

    ~ sky high ~
    This here is my event diary that I'll inevitably post in more than my normal diary whoops. Separate from my normal one, I'm striving to complete all three prompts for the given day. Hopefully I actually manage to complete this, haha. :3

    Day 1
    {Dear boyfriend}
    Wow. Six, going on seven, months. It's been a magical, amazing journey, I have to admit. I wasn't even looking for love, wasn't even trying to find a boyfriend. I just wanted to enjoy life as ...
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  5. tonight, i'm walking on air

    Since PWN has blogs and whatnot now, I'm going to start utilizing these instead of the diaries. I'll probably end up moving things over from my old blog over to this one over time. We'll see what happens in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you're all enjoying the new blog feature~!

    But ugh, life. School is just stressing me out. I'm failing Geography and I know it. She hasn't shown us our grades yet, and I'm going to ask Tuesday just because I kinda need to know so I can see ...